Sustainable management

requires a continuous learning and optimization process. That‘s only possible together – with our partners, suppliers, staff and our customers.

Our current aim is to acquire the ZNU-Standard certification for ‘Sustainable Management‘ for our site in Bocholt.

Social values

such as human rights, work ethic, environmental protection, fighting corruption, complying with national and international laws, regulations and standards are a given for us.

We produce high-quality products. Resources shouldn’t be wasted and there should be no production losses. If there are, in coordination with our customers, we’ll forward respective products to animal shelters.

Our cooperation within the company

is based on “fairness, reliability and innovation”. We plan proactively, we promote and train today to be ready for tomorrow. Our goal: SEDEX-member by 2023.

Product safety and packaging use

have to be in reasonable proportion. All of the cardboard packaging we use is FSC or PEFC certified. 

In 2023 we want to reduce our energy consumption for the production of compressed air by 3%.

High standards in quality management

The The Petfood Company GmbH uses Quality Management throughout its operation – organizationally annexed at executive level in Bocholt.

The company motto ”the petfood quality company‘‘ expresses this philosophy. Aspects of this understanding of quality include the implementation of the International Food Standard (IFS) and the continuous improvement of sustainability in the interests of our stakeholders.

Furthermore, we comply with our obligations under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. nach.

Operating site

The Petfood Company GmbH

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